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Place Type:
Hotel, Point Of Interest, Establishment
27 Mosque St, Singapore 059505
Coordinate: 1.2834675, 103.8455527
Rating: 3.40
Phone: +65 6221 1239 backpackers-inn-chinatown
mike kootnikoff (20/04/2018 12:08)
Very nice hostel in a great area for a good cost

marius masi (14/04/2018 19:32)
Nice place, little crowded, cheaper, friendly personnel, good position in town...

Sumit Malpani (05/02/2018 23:11)
Everything's great, but they don't give breakfast :(

Probably cheapest, clean, good WiFi, secure, near Chinatown MRT.. Generally good availability

Ronald Das (27/12/2017 17:05)
It's really well located, 2 min from MRT station and Chinatown food street is just 2 streets across

Dabdab DAB (26/12/2017 17:05)
Eyy lmao