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University, School, Point Of Interest, Establishment
37 Hillcrest Rd, Singapore 288913
Coordinate: 1.330476, 103.8045
Rating: 4.70
Phone: +65 6466 1144
Zhou Xinming (30/11/2017 22:43)
National Junior College is a place of higher education, one of the best JC institutions in Singapore. NJC has a very long history going back all the way to when Singapore first became independent. NJ's outstanding and committed teachers provides students with the best pre-university education that top students deserve. Hence, only outstanding students with great O Level results will be able to get into this school.

Jagoda Tomczak (01/09/2017 17:42)
The stairs are such a pain, but not much can be done since the school was built on a hill. Honestly love learning here, it's a very good school with skilled and caring teachers. The food here is amazing, especially the Cai Fan. The atmosphere of the school is vibrant and we can always have a laugh at whatever happens, even our dear raintree falling down!

Jia Le Ho (12/06/2017 09:48)
A junior college that diversified into an IP school.

Yong Jie Aw (02/06/2017 10:19)
One of the good JCs in Singapore, one of the IP schools (not so popular but is recognised).

Sylvester Zhao (29/03/2017 17:09)
My gr8 current sch!😘