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University, School, Point Of Interest, Establishment
37 Hillcrest Rd, Singapore 288913
Coordinate: 1.330476, 103.8045
Rating: 4.70
Phone: +65 6466 1144
Chee Hua Peh (20/02/2017 21:30)
One of my students taught there. It is still iconic as the first JC in Singapore (hope that is not the only reason students are pursuing to enrol themselves into the college)

Hui Min Natelie Chan (24/01/2017 20:34)
Graduated from here as an international scholar. NJC is very vibrant and hold a lot of activities and yet have strong academic focus and resources.

JC Lin (08/03/2017 11:15)
One of the oldest Junior Colleges in Singapore - preparing students for university entrance exams.

Lim Wei Chiam (13/01/2017 21:07)
Being the nation's first junior college, NJC kept a very vibrant and pleasant heritage and culture. Is within walking distance from Tan Kah Kee station which links to Hwa Chong. Not to forget, the two schools share a very good academic and student development partnership.

Sylvester Zhao (29/03/2017 17:09)
My gr8 current sch!😘

Jagoda Tomczak (01/09/2017 17:42)
The stairs are such a pain, but not much can be done since the school was built on a hill. Honestly love learning here, it's a very good school with skilled and caring teachers. The food here is amazing, especially the Cai Fan. The atmosphere of the school is vibrant and we can always have a laugh at whatever happens, even our dear raintree falling down!

Yong Jie Aw (02/06/2017 10:19)
One of the good JCs in Singapore, one of the IP schools (not so popular but is recognised).

Jia Le Ho (12/06/2017 09:48)
A junior college that diversified into an IP school.

Zhou Xinming (30/11/2017 22:43)
National Junior College is a place of higher education, one of the best JC institutions in Singapore. NJC has a very long history going back all the way to when Singapore first became independent. NJ's outstanding and committed teachers provides students with the best pre-university education that top students deserve. Hence, only outstanding students with great O Level results will be able to get into this school.