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Place Type:
Supermarket, Grocery Or Supermarket, Store, Food, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Block 108, McNair Road, #01-295, Singapore 321108
Coordinate: 1.321555, 103.859551
Rating: 3.90
Phone: +65 6299 3391
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Cindy Gui (01/12/2017 18:55)
Small supermarket but sells most of the essentials I need. The price reasonable. I buy most of my groceries, fish,meat n household items there.
Sheng Siong supermarket give discount to elderly on Wednesday. Patronised because near home. Store opened 24 hrs. So anytime can go shopping there.

Colin Seet (19/01/2018 16:18)
This is a very small supermarket which is built inside the ground floor void deck area of a HDB flat.

Although you can get many fresh produces like vegetable, meat, poultry and seafood, as well as dries goods, condiments, spices, prepacked food products, household cleaning product, etc but the walkway width between the display shelves are rather narrow. During peak houra, the walkway will be clogged by staffs restocking the goods and shopper stopped to choose their items on the shelves.

Do not expect a comfortable shopping experience and is definitely wheelchair UNfriendly. No publc toilet too.

Asha Esmael (04/01/2018 16:19)
About 10mins walk from Boon Keng Mrt station.. walk through the blocks and you will see it. Big outlet. 95% of daily items can be found. 24hrs. Staffs are friendly!

New channel (29/01/2018 00:13)
Very good n affordable price very less than other supermarts

Jillene Chen (11/12/2017 18:50)
Cheap and good supermarket. Fairly cramped space. Don't expect to find high end foodstuffs here.

Aloysius Mok (24/03/2018 22:33)
24h supermarket that has a pretty wide variety of stuff from vegetables and fish, to even random household products and Chinese offerings. The aisles are pretty narrow though, especially when staff are restocking or when customers pause to look at items. There is virtually no mobile connection there though!

Jolene Hoe (27/04/2018 16:31)
Itis cosy and windy for this super market i mean like this place is not hot most of the time and it mosty busy...i rate 4.3☆ out of 5☆