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Place Type:
Stadium, Point Of Interest, Establishment
1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397629
Coordinate: 1.3043297, 103.8743375
Rating: 4.40
Phone: +65 6653 8900
Chen Hwee Chua (22/04/2018 08:36)
The track is very good for jogging and other forms of exercise. It is always pack with people doing different exercises which proves my point and yet it never feels too crowded.

Robbie Say (21/03/2018 15:58)
National stadium is a place that people would not normally visit. Overall it is a technological marvel with its opening roof, air conditioning located under your feet and so on. I had a really enjoyable experience there, watching various performances and shows.

Dave Lommen (11/03/2018 06:52)
It is definitely big and beautiful. However, the sound system does not appear to be suitable for smaller events. Hopefully the sound system used for pop concerts is better.

Viswakiran Kannepalli విశ్వకిరణ్ కన్నేపల్లి (10/03/2018 18:44)
Huge place, directions from MRT are easy to follow. Centrally air conditioned. Taking part in Relay for Life 100 km event by Singapore Cancer Society and apt venue to choose.

Eddie Chen (07/03/2018 21:39)
Bright and huge environment. Not windy. Plenty of eateries. Car park no issue. Public transport is easily accessible.